Mullet of the Week – Issue 13


This interview was conducted in the spectator’s section of the NZ Shearing Competition in  Te Kuiti New Zealand. Henry was standing in a flock of girls telling stories of his time getting down and dirty in sheep pens all over New Zealand. 

Nexus: Would you quickly introduce yourself? Where are you from and what’s your name?

Henry: I’m Henry and I’m from England.

Nexus: Very cool! Henry, will you walk us through your mullet journey? Who convinced you to get a mullet and where was it cut?

Henry: The mullet was all a bet. When I first came over to New Zealand my boss said that he bet  I won’t go home with one so I got it cut in a local shop in Timaru. She was pretty surprised, and that’s sort of how it went, yeah.

Nexus: Okay. So how old is your mullet? 

Henry: Ah, what would it be now, five months old.

Nexus: You haven’t named it, have you?

Henry: Nope, not yet.

Nexus: What have some of the reactions to your mullet been?

Henry: Pretty mixed. Some people say it’s pretty old school, some people say it looks good and I’m pulling it off.

Nexus: Have your interactions with females gotten better or worse?

Henry: Oh, stayed about the same. Haven’t gotten any better, but it hasn’t been too bad.

Nexus: So, what kinda car do you drive?

Henry: A Volkswagen, Golf. 

Nexus: Can you describe the mullet community for us? Have you met any other men or women with mullets?

Henry: I’ve met a couple, pretty rare, haven’t met a huge amount to be fair. One or two and they’re pretty playful on the piss.

Nexus: Is the stereotype that people with mullets don’t shower a myth?

Henry: That’s a myth, a big myth. I shower every day.

Nexus: We’ve busted that myth, thanks folks. Is there much of a mullet presence in England? 

Henry: No, not at all.

Nexus: Can you just quickly run us through what you’re doing here in New Zealand. 

Henry: Apart from drinking? Trying to sheer sheep. 

Nexus: Ok! And how have you gotten on so far? 

Henry: Yeah, so not too bad. Shorn for four months, and done all the shows and what not, yep.

Nexus: That’s great man. All the best and thanks for chatting with us.


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