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Editorial – Issue 23

With so many things being up in the air during 2021, this issue needed to be something that helped ground us in reality. Nostalgia is one of those funny things that isn’t going to carry the same vibe for everyone but it is very indicative of who you were growing up. In the Nexus office we have a range of ages and ethnicities which means we don’t have nearly the same childhood memories, our age definitely shows in heated debates about what’s 90s and what’s 00s. 


This issue isn’t cathartic – it isn’t going to make 2021 any better but it gives you a moment to reflect on what we considered ‘better times’. Think of this year as the start of memories for the younger generation, they’re discovering shit that’ll stick with them. Let ‘em breathe. 


I’m usually the illustrator for Nexus, responsible for covers you’ve seen this year, and so it’s a bit out of character to be writing. I want to say that this issue has been a bit strange as I’ve come on as a “guest editor” so to speak and shit ain’t too bad. I realised as I started coming with content ideas that this issue meant a lot to me. Not because I wanted to show off that I can design like a kid opening WordArt for the first time, but because my upbringing wasn’t privileged and it wasn’t over-saturated with toys and all those fancy fixings. However, I was still able to gain formative memories through shared experiences of my peers, letting them into my world as they did for me. That’s what this is. A little capsule of our personal histories for you to share. Sappy shit, right?


At the end of it all, nostalgia is subjective and there’s no use arguing who’s upbringing was better than the last. This issue isn’t serious, it’s not meant to make you ponder why the fuck you were put on earth. If you’re out here thinking, fuck these designs are kinda trash, we’d like to thank the past 22 issues of Salient for design inspiration.


 To wrap it up (title of my sextape), nostalgia can be entertaining but just because it existed in your memories one way, doesn’t make it right. With that being said, my boss and I signed the petition to change New Zealand to Aotearoa. Nothing better than backhanded political movements. Ka Pai. 


– Jak Rāta