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Wenyue Ruan – Issue 18

Nexus: What’s your favourite piece of work you’ve created?


Wenyue: My favourite piece of work so far is the playing cards set (Purei Kari) that I designed for the Waikato Students’ Union. I like this piece of work because it has entertainment value but it also has educational value because people can learn Māori phrases while playing cards.


Nexus: How do you approach each illustration?


Wenyue: Firstly, I determine a theme or a topic then head into researching the colour or art style to get some inspiration. Once I have a rough idea, I draw several styles in my sketchbook, eventually finalising one. Lastly, I draw the final sketch on Adobe Illustrator.


Nexus: Are there influences from your teaching background in your works?


Wenyue: I think my work does have some influence from my previous early childhood education (ECE) background. My illustration style is relatively cute and cartoonish, and the colours are quite bright, the kind that young adults would enjoy more.


Nexus: Are there any cultural links in your work?


Wenyue: Not to a great extent as I mainly come up with ideas based on my life and experiences. My illustrations are more of a representation of the life around me and where I am now. My inspiration comes from people I meet and the work I do. I am inspired by all forms of culture and art, not just my own.


Nexus: How did you develop your style?


Wenyue: After trying and practising various art styles, I found that I am good at 2.5D isometric illustration. I practiced a way I could combine this art style with my illustration style, and have applied to many of my artworks.