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Taniesha Parker – Issue 18

Nexus: What do you do?


Taniesha: I love to create! I have started my own up-cycled clothing brand called BLAH BLAH BLAH, where I hand paint on second hand clothing. I also do photography and love combining these two things, so I’m always trying to find cool people to model my clothing and do fun photoshoots. I also have a YouTube channel with my friend Zara called THE GALS where we talk about fashion, film styling videos and thrift challenges. 


Nexus: You have an urban style, what influenced that?


Taniesha: Honestly I’m influenced by so many things but a big one is my Mum. I know I have a good outfit when my mum says “I used to dress like that.” I love looking back at photos of her from the 90s to see what she was wearing. I like to take inspiration from different eras and put my own twist on them and I love wearing pieces that make a statement! My favourite thing is seeing people who have a unique style that makes your head turn – people who aren’t afraid to stand out and be different truly inspire me!


Nexus: Is Y2K dead?


Taniesha: It’s definitely not dead, I think it’s transformed into a new style. You see so many celebrities putting their twist on the original Y2K style and making it more modern. My favourite part of that style is the iconic slogan tee, think Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. They were always rocking an outfit with some kind of slogan tee like Britney’s famous “Dump Him” tee, it adds a bit of fun to the outfit. Baby tees and blingy accessories are the best and I think they are here to stay! 


Nexus: Can I wear low waisted jeans or are they out of style? 


Taniesha: YES, WEAR LOW WAISTED JEANS! I personally love the style and I’m a big advocate for wearing what you want to wear and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks! Low waisted baggy pants paired with a cool baby tee is my favourite outfit when I can’t be bothered putting together an outfit but still want to look cute.


Nexus: How does it feel carrying the Hamilton fashion community?


Taniesha: I personally don’t feel like I’m carrying the community (haha) but I am honoured that Nexus thinks that. I just like to stay true to myself and have fun with my style and if that inspires other people to do the same then that makes me really happy! The best thing about fashion is that it’s a way of expressing yourself and showing the world who you are without saying a word. I’ve always loved making a statement and I don’t know if that’s just the Leo in me but I think it’s so fun when your outfit starts a conversation and gets people talking about where you got certain pieces or why you like a particular style. So I encourage everyone to have fun with fashion, play around with different styles and wear what makes you feel like your most confident badass self! 


Nexus: What fashion trends do you hate?


Taniesha: I’m sorry but someone has to say it: Crocs are not it! I get that they are probably comfy and now designer brands are making them “cool” but you will never catch me in a pair of Crocs. Haha!