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Stien Huizinga – Issue 18

Nexus: How did you discover night photography?


Stien: By complete accident really. I took a photo that captured strange lines leading to a light post. I wondered what else I could create and I went back with some new and strange ideas and a unique perspective to see what I could create.


Nexus: You went to an international school in Singapore, has your education helped your creativity?


I would like to say it has. Going to an international school has opened me up to many more cultures and lifestyles. It gave me a difference in perspective and how things can be done differently. Singapore is a hub of cultural diversity and it really does take you out of your comfort zone.


Nexus: What influences each image you take?


Stien: I like trying to capture something new in each photo and create a unique perspective with an old school, grainy look.


Nexus: Are there any major photographers who inspire you?


Stien: There’s a couple of photographers who inspire me such as Andreas Gursky, Sam Newton, and Josh Yeo. However, my biggest inspiration is Pierre T. Lambert – he radiates energy in his videos and shows a real willingness to try new styles of photography.


Nexus: How do you start the editing process?


Stien: A cup of coffee and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These two items are crucial to me in my creative space where I filter through the good and bad photos. The biggest challenge I find is not letting the idea of perfection get in the way – I often find myself looking at an image for too long and I keep making changes only to never use or post it.


Nexus: What are some of your favourite pieces you’ve taken and why?


Strangely enough I don’t have a favourite. If I was to pick, I would say I enjoy some of the first photos I have taken because they demonstrate how much I’ve improved and show all the flaws that I never understood or cared about. It makes them ‘pure’ photos to me.


Nexus: Where do you see your photography taking you in the future?


Stien: I see myself exploring other countries and mixing it up with more videography to capture moments I can recall. However, I find putting down the camera and just enjoying the view is refreshing. I really want to get back into 35mm film capturing with expired film rolls.


Nexus: Do you create any other art?


Stien: On the side I create 2D illustrations with the intention to animate them and bring them to life. I also create mini film projects with some friends which mostly consist of documenting adventures in Aotearoa.