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Editorial – Issue 18

With the news that Boon on Campus is coming back in 2022, our designers got so excited that they hijacked the entire magazine and reduced the writers to this one tiny corner and we absolutely couldn’t be happier about it. This week we are profiling talented artists and showcasing their work. We hope you have as much fun looking at this magazine as we did creating it and we want to thank every talented artist you see featured here and remind you to get on Instagram and support each of them.


On a final note before we head for the break we discovered where the line is this week. It turns out you can spend an entire issue drawing penises and sex toys without a complaint but when you playfully insult your local barista, the knives come out! Stacy already knows we love him and his coffee has been powering Nexus late-night writing sessions for a decade now. Please don’t take away our lattes, we will be good, we promise!