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WSU Voice – Issue 17

It’s time we talked about the campus! More specifically it’s time you talked about the campus and we listened. Every year the WSU and the University run pockets of consultation with students. Some of this is done in feedback groups, some of it is in surveys, and a reasonable amount is done over a barbeque as we hand you some free food. The reason we do this is so that we, as your voice on campus, are informed and empowered to advocate for the things you care about. In the last five years alone this has led to a number of successful programmes being trialled and implemented as the result of your Student Services funding. These programmes include changes to UniRec, Student Health, the refurbishment of the WSU Basement, and different fee structures for post-grad students.


Every three years both the WSU and the University develop a strategic plan. The WSU also usually releases a “New Vision for Campus” around this time. They tend to focus more on the three to five-year goals of the student body. We put to paper what is important to us after you tell us what is important to you. That in turn dictates the work of each annual plan. Broader themes like making the campus more engaging and more equitable then get used to develop programmes like our recently opened Union Kitchen or the study spaces, Xbox and charging stations in the Basement, and our work to help secure Pūtikitiki.


There are a number of different groups we will consult with over the next few weeks including our class reps, our council of clubs, and our sports teams and rōpū. Obviously, we aren’t new to this and we have a number of great ideas we will add to the conversation about student spaces, entertainment and even merchandise but that’s what this should be, an ongoing conversation.


If you want to know how you can have your voice heard or have ideas for us then email consultation@wsu.org.nz or come and see us at a barbeque.