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Blind Date – Issue 17

We did it! Nexus finally managed to help a young woman find love. Unfortunately it seems like it may have been with her Uber driver. As for her blind date? This abominable snow-woman may have given him a cold shoulder and blue balls but hey, she knows your name, that’s something, right?




I learned midday on Monday that I would be subjected to dumplings and free alcohol at the small price of unspeakable nerves and actual real-life-legitimate female company. God forbid. I spent Tuesday’s lectures feeling sick and arrived at the date a third of the way through a box of beers. 


She was late but thankfully, not vegan – I was sitting under three deer heads and first impressions are important. I was greeted by a lovely blonde, even more lovely, she had eaten before she came – a woman who knows her way around a night-out. We discussed various alcoholic subjects leading to close (incorrect) inspection of the bar tab. Her self-proclaiming math talents were false, but hey, gotta be a red flag somewhere. 


Despite discovering we had mutual friends and flatmates spying on us (who neglected to inform me that they knew her – on an unrelated note, does anyone have a spare room?), I had a fantastic evening and would sink a crate with her anytime. 


I have nicknamed her the abominable snowman, because has she called me back? Not yeti.




He picked me up in front of House. As always, it was a bit awkward at first, you ask the usual questions about how the other is and you give the practiced response of “I’m good thanks” but then we launched into a really nice conversation. 


This man was not at all what I expected. As it turns out he was happily married (met his wife through Facebook), has two kids (now this I really did not expect) and somehow, despite these facts, we actually had a lot in common. He made me laugh and smile and it just felt easy and effortless. 10/10 the best Uber driver I have ever met. I told my blind date that my friend was picking me up but by the end of the drive home I really felt as if I had told the truth. 


Also, the food, the drinks and the guy Nexus set me up with were pretty cool too. Not going to lie, I immediately forgot his name (sorry!) and didn’t know what it was until I got a friend request from him when I got home. Got to give major credit to this guy’s hair because it was almost like meeting that guy from LMFAO in real life. But really, I just cannot get past how lovely the Uber ride home was.