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Blind Date – Issue 16

He’s a date delayed after a concussion. She is looking for love but, by the sounds of it, can’t use a map. Was the age gap between them too much or was he just too “Good 4 U?” Find out if this couple were seeing love hearts instead of stars or whether they simply went off in different directions.



With one friend engaged, and another buying a house with her partner, I felt like I was missing out as I hadn’t managed to find a suitable bachelor in town or on Tinder. The only thing left was a Nexus Blind Date. I had Olivia Roderigo blasting on the way to hype myself up.


I arrived at House and met my date who had the biggest, nicest smile. He suggested that we start with a shot and I was on the same page. Although he was younger than me, he seemed to have his shit together and even makes homebrew at his flat. 


The cocktails and chat were flowing. When we exceeded the bar tab we decided to call it a night. I couldn’t tell if I got baby daddy vibes or friend vibes, but time will tell if I ever venture over to the Outback Inn, or when he is old enough to get into House on a Saturday night. All in all, a super cool guy and I enjoyed my date!



It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was prepping for my date – it had been a long time coming. I wanted to wait until I had recovered from my concussion (perks of falling head first off a pergola) so I could ease any awkwardness with alcohol. 


The trip to House was interrupted by a forgotten ID by my mate’s girlfriend. This meant my ‘pretty boy’ flat mate had longer to brush me up on my opening lines. I still managed to arrive early and even though I had the intention of polishing off the bar tab I was told it was best to wait until my lovely date arrived. 


The date was going well, and the conversation was flowing until she asked what I studied. I replied, “Accounting and Agriculture.” She responded, “Is agriculture about land and stuff or is it just culture?” I felt bad for my reaction, but I feel it was payback for her disappointment when I told her I was only 19. While we are on the topic of deal breakers, they kept on coming. She had never been to, let alone heard of, the Hilly. However, this can be righted and surely we go for a drink at the Hilly some time soon? 


We recovered well, dare I say, a horoscope coincidence when we found out we both shared the same birthday. None of my flat mates could believe it! This was followed by bonding over being November babies and realising I unknowingly watched her play hockey last year. Time flew by – we looked over and the staff at House had started tidying up and we thought we better get out of there. My flatmate kindly picked us up and then we relied on her geographic skills to get to her house (a bit touch and go given she wasn’t sure where Gisborne was). We exchanged socials and headed home.