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WSU Page – Issue 13

As the President of the Waikato Students’ Union, I’m pretty much involved in every student representative role here at the University, from chairing the WSU Board of Directors, to sitting on Council alongside the likes of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, to Bus for a Buck night shifts during orientation! There’s a lot of pre-prescribed things that the WSU President does and a lot of random things too which makes the job really interesting and no two days are the same.


I study a Master of Arts in Māori and Indigenous Studies. I’m currently in my thesis phase of studies which is a massive balancing act with all of my commitments. Outside of the WSU I love being with my whānau and friends, watching rugby league, creating art, beaching it and drinking fish bowls at House. Lol.


It’s been a real honour to be your President two years in a row. The organisation and all of our people have grown so much and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for WSU once I step away at the end of the year.


Club Bio – UN Youth


Are you passionate about working with local communities? Getting involved with public policy and politics? UN Youth has finally arrived at the University of Waikato! We are an exciting new committee that works alongside UN Youth New Zealand. Our aim is to promote civic engagement and involvement in the Waikato region – currently we are organising events, workshops and educational material. We would love to grow our club and work with other students who are passionate about supporting other rangitahi to engage with civics! If you are interested in joining please email charlotte.mitchell@unyouth.org.nz 


Upcoming Events

Re-O’Week 2021

12th – 16th July, WSU Basement


Bus for a Buck

14th – 17th July, Gate 1 Bus Stop


Re-O’Week Kick Ons

19th – 21st July, WSU Basement


Intro to Adulthood

19th – 23rd July, Guru Lounge in the WSU Basement


Visit https://www.facebook.com/WaikatoStudentsUnion for more information.