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Student Voice – Issue 14

Want to get involved and have a say about the important matters within the university? The WSU hears you, and has taken action!

Whether you are a class representative, a student on the Divisional or Academic Board, or part of a student club, you are a leader in your own right. This means that you have a unique perspective into topics of interest to the student community as well as possessing the skills to voice your opinion. As such, the WSU has come together to create a forum; Te Pou Whirinaki “Student Advisory Council”. This forum was created to provide an open space for student leaders to engage and discuss ongoing topics pertaining to the diverse community on the university campus. This is also an opportunity for members of the Council to connect with members of the WSU Board. 


The Student Advisory Council is chaired by the WSU’s Vice President, who will set an agenda prior to the meeting and open a platform for discussion. If you are invited to attend a meeting, you will receive an email invitation with the agenda to review. Please fill out the RSVP form attached if you are able to attend. Once the meeting has taken place, the minutes will be handed over to the WSU Board and discuss whether any action needs to be taken. So, if you do receive an invitation to attend the meeting, we urge you to accept – this is an opportunity for you to be heard. 


There are also many other avenues that you can utilise to ensure your voice is heard. This includes reaching out to the WSU and the student reps that sit on the Divisional Board and Academic Board and approaching the student clubs affiliated with the WSU. They will take your feedback and when appropriate, relay it back to the Student Advisory Council.


So, if there is anything that you can take away from this article, it is that the student voice is key! You have a voice and we at the WSU are listening.