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Reviews – Issue 13

Missing 411: The Hunted 

Alexander Nebesky 



Do you ever wonder what happens to people who disappear? Not the collection of events and circumstances lead to their disappearance, but what happens to them once they’ve disappeared.


The answer, at least for folks disappearing in the United States, is that they become the subject of a strangely compelling documentary. It’s hard to know exactly how to describe or recommend The Hunted without either immediately turning you off the project or inversely, spoiling it. 


Instead, what I’m going to do is describe the experience I had watching this film. First off, I recommend roasting a bone before you sit down for this. The first feeling is one of pure curiosity, the hook is that people go missing and a mystery is always a good hook. Then comes foreboding, then suspicion, because how could the official story of these disappearances be true in the face of these serious and informed points? Like a frog being slowly boiled in water, the film takes you step by step towards total absurdity.


And then the bait and switch happens and the film rockets into space. Take another hit at about the one hour mark, and it all makes sense.


I can’t say I recommend this film as a source of information, but I can’t recommend it enough as an exercise in yes-anding your way through a complex issue to reach a truly fantastic conclusion.



Cam Olsen


You guys remember 2020? The year that lasted 10 years? I think we can all agree it was a bit of a shitter. I resolved to listen to as much music from 2020 as I could, in a desperate attempt to reframe last year as being at least one of some artistic good. They do say trauma breeds art after all. That brought me to Duval Timothy’s third album, Help. An album abstractly ruminating on societal oppressions and individual transgressions, this is not an album to play in the car with your friends. This is for 2 in the AM, fresh out of a YouTube rabbit hole about how fucked the world is and you’re part of the problem. Also, it has a song called Like where he samples the word “like” no less than 240 times. Oh, and that’s all the lyrics. It’s, like, spectacular.



Caitlin Walter-Freke


Disney+ cured my pre-exam stress by releasing Luca. It follows the title character, a young sea creature with a desire to explore the surface. With the help of his new friends, Alberto and Giulia, he explores the italian riviera town setting and takes on the town bully, Lorenzo in the annual triathlon.

Past Pixar movies have created a high expectation for everything they release going forward. Once again, they have both been met and exceeded. The animation is stunning, as per. The characters are quirky and relatable. Plus, the dynamics between characters are a very strong aspect, with Luca and Alberto’s relationship being a particular highlight.

Overall, even though Luca doesn’t tug at the same emotional heart strings as other Pixar offerings, it still provides a touching story about friendship which brings a smile to your face

Monty Python

Cameron Mailer

-5 & +5

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail is a comedy/parody movie that will troll you for the length of its duration. It will make you contemplate why some humour ages whilst some doesn’t, and confirm that the writers weren’t fully sane – just like me. As you follow the knights of the not-so-existent round table on their journey you encounter a cadre of shrubbery-challenged knights, a killer rabbit, a house of virgins, and a handful of hilariously rude Frenchmen. You suddenly discover that there are so many references you have been missing all your life which are just straight up wrong yet timeless. At some point the animator suddenly has a heart attack, and at another you learn middle-age offensive language you have never heard before.

Dude I don’t know what to say, like it’s worse/better than Life of Brian. The plot is entirely made of plot armour. I don’t know man, I’m still confused. If you know, you know. It’s Monty Python. I need a drink.


Single Sentence:


Ghost – Justin Bieber


Groovy tune that has me crying and dancing at the same time.


Duck Island Staff


They all belong in an indie band and are cooler than any of us could ever be. Double points if they have a stick and poke tattoo. 


Ohakune Mardi Gras 


A onesie is the most unimaginative costume ever. Be better.


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