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Reprimand the Racism – Issue 14

The National Party under the leadership of Judith Collins continues to demonstrate their commitment to allowing racism to seep out like an infected hakihaki into society. Their latest campaign ‘Demand the Debate’ was created in response to the 2019 He Puapua report. Basically, it is a report of the working group (set up by the Labour-NZ First coalition) on a plan to realise the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand. So of course Judith Coloniser had something to say about it.


The government of the day is the lesser of two evils. But it scares the hell out of me (a politically minded, kaupapa Māori driven, wahine Māori in her early 20s) that the National party could lead this country again. They’re demanding a debate on Māori rights as if Māori rights are debatable? What a power trip.


He Puapua has been so transformational already. So damn right it should make her scared. Because Aotearoa New Zealand is finally on our way to becoming a more fair and just society (I hope). Everything from Māori education and health to Māori rights and interests in freshwater to Māori representation, she has a problem with. It is damaging to continue to see this type of leadership in 2021. What’s even more damaging is that many people around our country support this racist rhetoric.


Kīngi Tāwhiao once said, “E kore tēnei whakaoranga e huri ki tua o aku mokopuna” – meaning this quest for salvation shall not go beyond my mokopuna. That was over one hundred years ago. I dare not say that he was wrong but rather, the quest for salvation has been made that much more difficult with the likes of Judith Collins’ airtime.


I don’t mean to bash her around with my words. But she’s bashed my people for far too long with hers. She says she wants a debate on Government policy but it’s more than that. She wants a debate on the rights of my people. Hell no, that’s not up for discussion.


Career politicians have a lot to answer for. There are only a few politicians every now and again that enter politics because they’re passionate about a particular kaupapa. I, for one, am proud of our current Te Pāti Māori MP’s who’ve entered politics to try and put a stop to racism at its core; parliament. Career politicians like Judith Collins make so much money and none of it she earns. Her and her posse’s racist rants aren’t worth the air it takes up and certainly does not qualify her to discuss things she has no idea about. So, talofa.


Reprimand the racism, I say. And for once I actually agree with David Seymour when he draws the line at backing Lee Williams and his “freedoms”. You see, politics doesn’t have to be about parties and alliances. But politics does have to be about standing for the things that you can’t stand for. And if you stand for racism, step down.


Racism is tiring and painful. Racism is hurting people all over the world everyday. That’s the real pandemic. If the government put as much effort into abolishing racism as they do testing stations, PPE, vaccines, MIQ and lockdowns, we’d be victorious in our quest for salvation.


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