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Let’s get Political – Issue 14

Is anyone actually there? Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with the National Party because I feel like I’m in an alternate universe in the year 2005?  


White people calling the government racist is back en vogue. Putting aside all of the changes to leaders, corruption allegations, sex scandals and David Seymour being three points away from Judith Collins, it is clear National is slipping backwards. I mean look at how many leaks are coming out. As Winston Peters would say, “it’s leaking like a sieve.” The new Māori Health Authority was just one of the things mentioned in the news cycle. National attacked Labour saying “this is a racist and separatist proposal”, which makes you wonder if they just don’t like it or are worried that Labour is moving in on their niche as the party of racist proposals. The National Party, led by Don Brash at the time, spent three years from 2003 until 2006, telling Māori to be nice to Pākehā. A couple of months ago, He Puapua was one of the things being talked about. The National Party said, “just because we signed the declaration at the UN, doesn’t mean this is binding.” Come on, really? What was the point of signing the declaration if you are going to complain about the recommendations going forward? 


After all of this, I may vote for Labour because I feel more connected to them and their ideas mentioned during the election including celebrating and recognising Matariki. The National Party still has some good ideas, like a Minister for Mental health, but they get lost in the noise.


To complete this alternate universe metaphor, I (apparently) need to talk about New Zealand First and Winston Peters. My god, I watched the New Zealand First conference where Winston stood up there and basically said “I’m leading this party into 2023 because the membership and board has said I can.” Hold it right there. I think the only reason he said that was to give people the sense he won’t leave and could be kicked out. Every commentator including Patrick Gower has said, “it’s Winston first, second, third, fourth and fifth.” I personally campaigned to get rid of New Zealand First in 2020 and I will be back campaigning to keep them out.