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Darts and Crafts – Issue 14

So, you’ve arrived to a sad, antisocial pre-drinks on their tenth round of Four Kings? You don’t want to be stuck on the Bus for an hour? Now you can craft the pain away with an infinitely more inventive drinking game. 



  • Jenga blocks
  • A permanent marker


  1. To start, take your Jenga pieces and write a different rule, dare, or game on each block.
  2. After all your Jenga pieces have a different rule on them, set your blocks up just like regular Jenga.
  3. The great thing about Jenga is that there are endless rules and dares that you can choose to put on your blocks. You can find a tonne of ideas online. Here are some of our favourites:

2 Truths, 1 Lie: The person who pulls this block must announce two truths and one lie about themselves to the group. If the other players guess which statement you were lying about, you must drink. Otherwise, they drink.

King’s Cup: Every player will pour a little of their drink into the same cup. You must drink it.
Leftie: If you pull out this block, you must play your next turn with your non-dominant hand.
Strip: The person who pulled out this block must remove one item of clothing and keep it off for the entire game.
The Real Slim Shady: You must play the rest of the game standing up.
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