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Darts and Crafts – Issue 13

It is time to give up the dream. Stop kidding yourself, you are not organised enough to take the crate back to Liquorland and get a discount for restocking it. You are the person who is going to remember crate day, the day before it happens and drive frantically to pick up whatever they have left. Enjoy drinking your Bushman’s Ale! So why not embrace it and turn the bottles into ashtrays and enjoy this simple DIY. 




  • Empty beer crate
  • Sandpaper (120 grit will do)
  • Any colour of paint (optional)



  1. Take your old beer crate and clean any scum off it that has collected in the year it’s been sitting outside your flat. 
  2. Using sandpaper, sand away any rough edges or corners.
  3. For a more refined look, paint your crate a colour of your choosing and leave to dry overnight. 
  4. It wouldn’t be décor without a couple of books and a candle atop your new beer crate bedside table. Voilà!
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