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Blind Date – Issue 14

What do you get when two young and nervous students walk into a blind date? I don’t know… maybe read to find out. She is a second year engineering student. He goes by ‘lil’. Will this blind date end in a ‘lil’ romance or a one-off encounter?


She Said

I arrived for the date 10 minutes early, but waited in the car for a while to avoid seeming too eager. I was very nervous. A waitress came up and asked me how she could help, I told her I was here for the blind date and she walked off. She must have said ‘follow me’, but I wasn’t paying enough attention and just stood there awkwardly. She gave a friendly ‘come here’ wave and was standing next to a table where a good looking gentleman sat. I looked at the guy already sitting there, he was looking off into the distance. I walked to the table and he stood up to greet me. We had that moment where I thought he was going in for a hug but I stuck my hand out confidently for a handshake. 


We started talking and we found out we had a bit in common – we both like to keep fit, play sports, etc. The nerves quickly calmed down soon after. We ordered our food; he got a pizza and I got a crispy chicken taco. I think the pizza was a better idea. Tacos are almost impossible to eat tidily. He laughed and told me I was doing a good job. I ducked to the bathroom quickly to message my friends to let them know he was alright and we got along well. After a bit of hype from my friends I went back in and we decided to share a fishbowl to round off the night. We exchanged Instagrams and said our goodbyes. Overall, it was a great night. Cheers Nexus.


He Said

I decided to sign up for this blind date as I haven’t been on one and I really enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. Ultimately, I thought the blind date went pretty well. To be honest I was calm and collected before the date but as I got closer to House I was actually sh**ing myself but it’s all good now – the date went well. She seemed like a very cool person apart from the time when she gave me a whole chilli to eat which burned my throat. Haha. But yeah, she’s super easy to talk to and she’s also pretty funny. Her being more extroverted like me was really nice and was able to put my nerves at rest. 


The majority of the date was just us talking and getting to know each other. I thought her hobbies like football and hiking were really cool and perhaps areas where we could relate with one another because I also enjoy being active. We were talking about hiking for a bit and I thought that it would be a really cool thing to try. She seems quite adventurous which I think is awesome about her. I enjoyed her company and I would love to meet her again!