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Blind Date – Issue 13

This week’s blind date featured not one, but two couples looking for love. It’s hard to turn away a dude who prides himself on being a Mount Maunganui lifeguard and still uses the phrase leshgo. This week’s bachelorette seemed down to earth and modest – opposites attract, right? Here is the first half of our Nexus double date.


She Said

I’ve read the blind dates in Nexus before and always thought it’d be cool to go on one. I was too chicken to go by myself, so I pressured my friend into doing it with me. I knew she would hate me if it went south, which I made worse by making her arrive twenty minutes early. I wanted to create the vibe, she thought I was stupid. My friend and I had opposite vibes. She gave off very wholesome festival vibes, while I went full glam in a tight red dress.


My friend was hiding in the bathroom when the boys arrived, so I had to introduce myself without her. What a power move. One of the boys shook my hand, while the other gave me a hug. Luckily, the boys matched each vibe. I like the one that matched mine and gave me a hug.


I thought it’d be a good idea to down some tequila shots to start the night, which one of them said was a bold move – I thought his bold move was wearing white pants. They ended up ordering a second round which led into a third. As conversation flowed we ordered some food and when we got too shy to talk, they easily filled in the gaps. We talked about life, had a history lesson, and I was happy to find out he came from a different iwi. I was glad he wasn’t another accounting student. Later on in the night, we found out that the original second guy was working so he had to sub in at the last minute. Sorry mystery guy but I wasn’t disappointed by the cute guy that replaced you. He even started picking up on the inside jokes between my friend and I, and knew the right times to join in.


Overall, I’m glad I forced my friend into going on a blind date. The boys were gentlemen and had a great vibe. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I ran into him on campus next trimester.


He Said

My mate and I arrived early at 6:45pm but our game plan began well before arrival. We wanted to choose the table and set the scene for the ladies upon arrival – as you would as two alpha males. However, we were taken to a table with a girl already sitting there. We were stunned, but she had a nice smile (and kind of reminded me of one tinder chick I had chatted up). We introduced ourselves and then her friend arrived. We started five minutes early, look at us go. I asked if this was Married at First Sight and they burst out with laughter.


Us lads got burgers, they got wraps and we all got tequila shots. I was horrified I was unable to order my beloved Cruisers. The girls seemed cute off the bat but we had to investigate further. I explained that I am a student teacher. The girls revealed they study law. It had to be law, didn’t it. 


However, we had some things in common: First time doing a blind date, here for a good time not a long time, and eager to shred Mt. Ruapehu. One of the girls said she’d been on TV, so I admitted that I had also been on TV, including Bay Patrol (the new lifeguard reality TV show). Then we shared our excitement about Love Island and the Bachelor AU. They also seemed impressed that my mate had recently applied for Love Island and that I am eyeing up the Bachelor Australia. We then ended up on route to BookClub, leshgooo.


We later went to Keystone for more drinks. We then realised it was already 11pm, so we parted ways but got each other’s social media and decided to meet up at the Outback next weekend.


Thanks Nexus for the awesome opportunity and for setting us up, I had a blast!


P.S. Feel free to hmu for some Netflix and chill.