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Be Kind, Rewind – Issue 13

We like to think in some alternate universe all banks would be replaced by charity stores and thrift shops but for now we will settle for the space formerly occupied by ASB now housing the magnificent Rewind by Hospice on campus. It has all the “support local” vibes you could ever want and is constantly taking youth volunteer staff on board to give your CV a much needed boost. Hannah sat down with the Rewind team a few days before their opening last week.  


Nexus: Was it in Rewind’s initial plans to open a store on campus?


Rewind: Not quite. We have always focused on growing Rewind online and with small offerings in our current Hospice shops. When this opportunity presented itself, and the University asked if we were interested, we jumped at the chance. 


Nexus: How long have you been preparing to open?


Rewind: Since we opened the online shop during the first lock down and we saw how many people supported Rewind. 


Nexus: Are all of your staff volunteers?


Rewind: Our team is made up of one store manager and youth volunteers. The oldest crew member in our team is 22. 


Nexus: How is your clothing sourced?


Rewind: Our team sorts through donated goods that have been dropped off at the other Hospice shops, and hand selects the Rewind items from these. 


Nexus: What sets you apart from other thrift stores in Hamilton?


Rewind: The items that are selected for Rewind are youth inspired and cater to everyone. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable shopping, no matter what their style or size is. We have also priced our items with student budgets in mind. 


Rewind by Hospice is now open on the Village Green. Stop in and say hi to the team.


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