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Darts and Crafts – Issue 12

Want to show off how much piss you drink in the most tasteful way possible? This colourful craft is perfect. Collect last night’s bottle caps for this week’s DIY; a wind chime – exactly what every flat needs!



Bottle caps (about 150 bottle caps)

10mm jump rings (about 300)

Recycled metal basket (or any other round container)

Wire cutters

Metal punch





  1. Using a small metal punch and a hammer, punch two holes in each side of the bottle cap on the metal edge.

  2. Open the jump ring with the pliers and then insert the ring into the punched hole in the side of the bottle cap. Use the pliers to then close the ring back to its circular form (I chose to add two jump rings between each bottle cap).

  3. When creating your base for the wind chime, you can use anything you can attach your bottle cap chains to. In this instance, we used a metal basket because it already had a handle to hang the wind chime from and there would be no need to punch more holes (I simply used a pair of wire cutters to cut the base off of the wire basket).

  4. Using jump rings and pliers, attach the rows of bottle caps to the base, spreading the rows evenly.

  5. Hang your finished Bottle Cap Wind Chime anywhere that you would love to add a bit of vintage charm or flex your alcoholism.