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Blind Date – Issue 12

It’s hard to gauge how many underground rappers are at this university. However, Nexus may have inadvertently set up a hip-hop duo. She is in her third year, studying the mind and body. He, on the other hand, has a habit of dapping people. Will these underground rappers link up and produce some sick beats or will his dapping cut their careers short?


She said: 

To build the courage for this blind date, I talked with my ex-boyfriend/flatmate/bestie. He said you don’t need to be nervous. I hyped myself up in the mirror after doing my hair several times till it looked slightly better than average. I also made sure I wore a shirt which showed as much cleavage of my iddy biddies as possible. Unfortunately, this did not boost my confidence as I expected. My friends dropped me off, and I made sure to enter at 6:57pm, where I waited 10 minutes for my date to arrive. Wow. His outfit looked more expensive than my future. I was in love. He carried so much swag. Small talk was easy with this guy, his charming smile helped with this – dope. He mentioned he was studying accounting. My interest in him immediately boosted. This guy could do my accounts someday soon. Score, let’s get in. We began talking about what music we liked, and soon came to realise we both liked rap. I then went on to try and impress him with my knowledge of about three rappers. He thought it was really cool that I loved Post Malone, though I think he was bullshitting, lol. As the night went on and I ate the majority of the food, things soon came to an end. After a lovely date, I was lucky enough to get hit awkwardly in the stomach as he tried to “dap me up”. I think that’s what he said. Thanks to Nexus and this great setup – can’t wait for my Romeo to drunk call me for a root in the near future. 


He Said: 

The date started off on a bad note – I was a little late because I couldn’t find a park. Upon arrival a waiter directed me to a brunette girl sitting at a bar stool by herself. Damn, shawty bad. After introductions and casual small talk, she mentioned she majors in psychology. She further explained it’s the study of the mind and body, shit doesn’t make no sense. However, as we progressed in conversation, the cooler she became. Turns out, we have a lot of things in common like gyming, fashion and rap. Her favorite rappers are Post Malone and DaBaby. We actually talked way more than expected. So much to the point where we weren’t looking at the menu. The waiter was constantly walking back and forth asking “are you ready to order?”, but we would continue talking about ourselves rather than what we wanted to eat. Finally, we decided to share a bunch of small plates rather than a main each. Whilst eating, we continued to talk about our lives, interests and family until 10pm, time really does fly when you’re having fun. She was a perfect mix of talkative, sweet and funny. If I knew girls like this were on campus I would go to more classes. We decided to end the date there; when we realised we were the only people left in House. Before we left I had an absolute fuck up. Out of habit I tried to dap her up as she went in for a hug. I smacked her belly. Nevertheless, we laughed at it and presumed to exchange numbers. Finally we ended the night with a real hug and said our goodbyes. Ima call her this weekend, cheers Nexus.