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Editorial – Issue 10

I didn’t peak in high school. How do I know this? Because I didn’t enjoy high school, and it is a known fact that people who didn’t enjoy high school, flourish once they’re out of it. To those of you who did enjoy high school, I have some news for you: You’re going to be the one in your 30s reminiscing on the “good ol’ days”, every day. You’re also going to be the one who lives in the same town your whole life and never considers moving.


If you weren’t sure, here are some tell-tale signs you peaked in year 11:


  • Your high school friends are your only friends. You don’t like to test new waters and the thought of walking to campus by yourself makes you cringe. 
  • You constantly look back at your school photo album to see yourself in your dashing sportswear playing rugby or hockey. Your athletic ability is long gone!
  • You attend more high school events now than you ever did when you were actually a student – like being asked to the ball even though you’re 21.
  • You still wear your leavers hoodie. 
  • You still introduce yourself with the nickname you earnt in high school. We don’t care ‘bread bag’.
  • You constantly bring up your lead role in the school musical despite “never wanting it”. 


I pity the ones who peaked. I see those people in my town tell the same stories over and over and it makes me sad. Funnily enough, a lot of them are happy – ignorance is bliss I guess. Their lives are comfortable, stable, and that’s just not made for me. I should thank them though, because without them I wouldn’t have wanted to leave so badly and be where I am now.