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Talofa, kia ora! As your Pacific Director for 2021, my role is to simply be the bridge between WSU and the pacific students. My role is essential in communicating messages between the WSU and the pacific students and vice versa. I engage frequently with the Pacific Students Associations on campus. 


Outside of my duties as a board member, I work at McDonalds, I am actively involved in my church community and I attend Arise Church here in Hamilton and love it. I am also a Life Group Leader at church. I’m passionate about God, and people. For fun, I hang out with my friends and take photos – photography is more of a passion so feel free to follow my insta. My life outside of WSU is active – I’m either at work, church, Life Group or uni. I love my life though. I love that I get to study and be all these other things and do all the things that I get to do. 


This year, I want to improve the communication and relationship between the WSU and pacific students. One initiative I have been working on is a series called “Your Voice, Your Story”. I started this series because I wanted to create a platform where pacific stories can be told – there are so many and I’m so grateful that I can do this for our pacific students. EPISODE ONE IS OUT NOW! Check it out here: @wsupacific. There are a few other things I have up my sleeve that I hope to achieve this year with the WSU. You’ll have to wait and see what they are!


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Club Spotlight

Assalamu alykum and kia ora!


We are the Waikato Muslim Students Association and we just wanted to pop in and say hello! 


We are an on-campus group that want to be there for our Muslim and Non-Muslim whanau. We run several events all year round where you will have the chance to meet new people, celebrate unique Islamic traditions and enjoy some yummy kai!


We also have two prayer places for both men and women on campus. The male’s prayer place is located in the Student Union Building and the female’s prayer place is located in L Block. Please get in contact with us for access or more information. 


We have an Eid Al-Fitr potluck dinner on Monday 17 May from 6 to 8pm in the WSU Basement. Feel free to bring a plate and come along! 


You can learn about our upcoming events, prayer places and Jumma prayer or ask any questions via our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook @wmsaclub or by emailing wmsaub@gmail.com. 


Until next time!


Upcoming Events


Wednesday 19 May

Conversation Station & free BBQ, 1pm on the Village Green


Friday 21 May

WISA Ball, 7pm at Hamilton Gardens.


Tuesday 25 May

Youth kōrero with Green MP, Chloe Swarbrick, 5pm in L.G.01