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I Bloody Love Halloween – Issue 10

Who likes and who hates them? There’s always a clear divide when it comes to the controversial genre. For me, I find horror movies soothing. Now before you think I’m a serial killer, there’s a perfectly good reason. The increased heart rate causes momentary anxiety but the end of the film always brings peace and tranquility. Boom, a perfectly good reason. When it comes to horror, the only acceptable place to start is the Golden Age. Or rather, my interpretation of what’s considered a Golden Age horror. I’m talking about the John Carpenter, Wes Cravens and Romero films of the 70s into the mid 90s. 


This week I want to discuss Scream (1990) directed by the great, late Wes Craven. I know I was initially talking about films in the 70s and 80s but we can’t talk about subversion of genre without first mentioning the king. Craven masterfully produced a film that subverts the audience into thinking it’s a dark comedy before hitting you with an absolute blood fest. Sure the effects are a little dated and the characters can come off a bit corny at times, but that shit is still enjoyable the 10th time over.


The main character, Sidney Prescott, is a terrific final girl. With minimal screams and an understated strength, she commands the audience with her continued success against Ghost Face, the main villain. The entire film you’re left rooting for her and with that, you let out a sigh of relief when in the end – spoiler alert – she defeats the baddie. I don’t know about you but the idea of actually having a protagonist you like win in the end is pretty damn amazing. I’m not saying that this likable character is carried through all of the films in the franchise (I’m looking at you Scream 3) but at least it started off on a high. 


With the recent news of Scream 5, I’m kind of pumped to see Sidney on my screen once again. What can I say, sis is an icon! Though I am worried about them following the same formula that’s been fueling the past four films. It does become a liiiiiittttttle repetitive but I still enjoy it all the same. The fourth wall breaks, the characters dropping their tropes for a second and even the killer being a bit shit and a little dumb – it all culminates into a bloody good time. Give it a watch, even if you’re not a horror fan.