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The Grey St. Soundtrack – Issue 9

Ah Grey Street, once a shady strip home to a shoe store, the council building and not much else, now a thriving metropolis for the tiniest fisherman beanies and the baggiest pants. Here’s a little playlist designed to make you feel like your outfit is being judged by someone wearing Docs and jeans they bought for $199 on Instagram without having to leave your home. 


  1. Day ’N’ Nite (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi 

Legend has it if you mention Kid Cudi at the counter, at least three of the staff members at Recycle Boutique will give you a discount.


  1. Dionne – The Japanese House (ft. Justin Vernon)

I actually did hear this at a cafe on Grey St. the other day so my shitpost is grounded in fact.


  1. pink skies – LANY

Shout out to the colour palette at Duck Island.


  1. Nikes – Frank Ocean

Nothing like a bit of subtle musical product placement to get you in the mood for consumerism.


  1. Vampire – Dominic Fike

I only showed up to tell you that everyone on this street is a vampire. 


  1. Gooey – Glass Animals

Straight up *vibey* my guy uh-huh, suh.


  1. Borderline – Tame Impala

Let’s be real I could’ve put any Tame song in here. They may as well play it through an airhorn down the whole street.


  1. Paris – The 1975

I’d love to go to Paris again too, but we’re here, so may as well buy a deconstructed salad for $50.


  1. Prom Queen – Beach Bunny

Look maybe I’m just salty because they’re way more stylish than I’ll ever be. 


  1. Tiny Dancer – Elton John

A WILDCARD! You walk into the Sally’s to find something for $2 that you can resell on your tax-free vintage ‘small business’ for a 600% profit with no moral conscious and this song is playing xx


  1. Bags – Clairo 

If Clairo were a Hamiltonian she would definitely scoop your ice cream and take her jars to Bin Inn to bulk buy lentils (you should really get on that, they’ll give you a 5% discount if you bring your own reusables).


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