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The Circle – TV Series – Issue 9

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With the world still ever so slightly in chaos, and COVID putting a hold on the greatest reality television show ever made (Survivor), I turned to whatever seemed to be Netflix’s latest money grabber that was trending.


Safe to say I was #NotDisappointed. This series is a little hard to describe – it reminds me of Catfish, Survivor, Big Brother and one of my family reunions all rolled into one. Yes, the premise of the show is absolutely ridiculous and if anything, it reinforces the idea that you need to be beautiful and just a tad fake to get ahead in life. But we’re humans, and we seem to thrive off that shit. We want to see people be shady, nasty, and vulnerable. And that’s exactly why we’ll come back to watch the next season. Also, the way the contestants communicate and make their hashtags is hilarious, so at the very least watch it for that. #AddictedAsf #ImOutOfWordsButIfIHashtagThisTheComputerOnlyCountsItAsOne SEND!