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Teen Wolf – TV Series – Issue 9

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The story of Teen Wolf is fairly simple. It follows the story of a teenage boy who becomes a wolf; groundbreaking. Tyler Posey, with all of his swooping fringe glory, fronts the show as the innocent Scott McCall. Posey carries the show alongside Dylan O’Brien’s, Stiles Stilinski. The pair make up the dashboard of about 85% of fandom Tumblr users.


A nice blend of cheesy dialogue, admirable green screen attempts and a burning silver bullet leaves a lasting impression. With an easy rewatch storyline, Teen Wolf is a culmination of everything that was right with late 2000s and early 2010s internet fandom hype. You have dreamy female protagonists and brooding male villains, all fighting for one thing; Derek Hale’s back tattoo.


Overall a solid throwback if you can sit through the arduous car rides with a shit tonne of worthy exposition. Also don’t become too enamoured by average looking men.