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DARTS & CRAFTS – Issue 9

A great DIY for every upcycle enthusiast or for the piss head who has a few empty Double Brown cans lying around. These make great flat warming (or “sorry, this is your two weeks notice”) gifts.



Empty can

Can opener

Small rocks

Potting mix

Herb seedlings



  1. Prep the can. Once you’ve enjoyed every last drop of your Park Ranger, using a can opener, carefully and slowly trim around the top of the can and remove the lid. File the sharp edges using sandpaper. Wash and dry well.
  2. Add about two inches of pebbles to your beer can. These help with drainage and weight (you don’t want your can to tip over). Fill the rest of your can with soil.
  3. Make a small hole in the soil and place/plant your herb. Decor queen!
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