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Blind Date – Issue 9

She is a second-year teaching student recovering from her first year in College Hall. He is an engineering student with a knack for writing. Will it be a raunchy rendezvous or will they end up like Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson and be better off as friends? 


He said: So I walked into House on Hood with a confident mindset, which quickly became a major anxiety when I found I was waiting longer and longer for my date to arrive. I had the shakes, bad, especially since my sister said I probably chose the wrong outfit and it was my first date in a while, let alone a blind date. For about 15 minutes I wondered if it was good manners to order a cocktail prior to her fashionably late arrival at 7:06pm. 


It turned out to be an amazing time! We had a great conversation straight away – obviously

after some ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and mutual embarrassment, and talked about several things we were interested in and what brought us to the date etc. I think we were both really

happy that we were paired with someone who wasn’t socially awkward. Notable conversation

topics included that her friends were in the bar with us, Game of Thrones, that she described

herself as ‘mainstream’ when it came to music, that she has watched the Office three times

(which honestly, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a crippling addiction), and that she

criticised me on how I was using my chopsticks because she eats loads of chinese food.


It was clear she didn’t want dessert, so we just had two toblerone cocktails which REALLY

hit the spot. We just had a genuinely fun time picking different cocktails and trying new

things. We had a quick ‘romance check’ and both agreed that we’d be much better off as

friends – like legit, and that whilst we aren’t going on another date it would be really fun to

potentially catch up again at a party or something.


Don’t really think I could have asked for much more than a free TAB and a really fun person

to do it with. I hope she gets to go travelling eventually like she wanted.


She said: 

After one of my flatmates went on a blind date, I decided I would give it a go too. I thought it would be an interesting story to tell later on and something fun to do on a Tuesday night. When the day had arrived, I’d lost all confidence and was absolutely shitting myself. After a few pep talks from the girls and a couple of drinks to calm the nerves, I made my way to House. We drove around the block three times before I plucked up enough courage to head inside and meet my date. I walked up to the bar and was taken to my table, where I found my date waiting for me. 


Based on first impressions, I knew he wasn’t someone I would typically go for. Still, I was fully committed to getting to know someone anyway. He was an engineering student who was tall, slim, pretty good looking and seemed like he’d have some interesting chat.


We introduced ourselves and decided to take advantage of the $12 cocktails. We talked about what we study and what hobbies we’re into. I could tell that this guy was super friendly and genuine, which made me feel much more comfortable about the situation I had got myself into. At some points, I felt like I was grasping at straws to ask questions and fill in some quiet moments, but those were few and far between.


By the end of the date, I had really enjoyed getting to know someone new and enjoyed the experience overall. We both agreed we’d be better as friends and didn’t think anything would go anywhere romantically. We ended up being there for about an hour and a half, much longer than I expected to last. I texted my flatmate, and she showed up to get me in record time, so I ended up leaving my date at the table to wait for his ride… my bad. Overall, it was a pretty fun night, but I don’t know if I’d put myself through it again.


Cheers Nexus for the experience x