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Dancing with the Devil – Demi Lovato – Issue 9

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Lovatics unite in solidarity to support their lord and saviour in her battle against incorrectly labelled frozen yoghurts. Demi Lovato comes in hot with this recent album release, her fans left in awe as the album’s titular song plays in all its intensity. 


Following the accompanying documentary, I’m left impressed by Demi’s ability to tell a compelling story from start to finish. But what really hits is the acoustic tracks at the end of the album. After a sweeping 20 tracks you’re hit with some hella dope vocals against a somewhat discordant piano track. Artistic choice or just some heavy fingers? You be the judge.


My favourite song? It has to go to ‘California Sober’, simply for the overall irony of it all. You can’t fault her on her ability to trailBLAZE in her songwriting. Round of applause for Demi everyone.