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Director Bio

Kia ora, bwanji, and many more world greetings to you!


I’m an Afro-Kiwi gal that’s incredibly proud of my Zambian heritage but also really proud to call Aotearoa and the mighty Waikato my home. I’m in my third year of a conjoint Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance. When I’m not putting hard mahi into my conjoint, you can catch me confronting cheeky first years that insist on calling me an aunty. You also might catch me hitting a new deadlift PR at Unirec or jamming to afro-beats, spinning yarns or chowing down a donburi at Bongo. 

On a more serious note, this year I have the absolute privilege of being the WSU Vice-President. I say privilege because I’m incredibly passionate about students having an empowering university experience and ensuring that students are at the center of every decision made by our University. To have the opportunity to exercise this passion in my everyday work is a privilege. 


As WSU Vice-President I chair Te Pou Whirinaki (The Student Advisory Council). I am also on various committees such as the Academic Board, the Student Services Governance Committee (SSGC) and the Special Consideration Committee. 

Kotahitanga, empowerment, advocacy and wholesome vibes are four principles that will continue to underpin my time on this year’s board. 


Mafuno onse abwino (warm regards)

– Lushomo



WUTA is an opportunity for like-minded Te Kura Toi Tangata School of Education

students to develop their teaching philosophy through events with other students,

insight from industry leaders, first-hand experiences, and interacting with

the community that is the Faculty of Education. The goals of the association

include creating a positive community within the Division of Education, enhancing students teaching philosophy through events, workshops, and school, as well as preparing and inspiring students for their future teaching careers and helping benefit future students of the programme with feedback.


If you have any questions, please email wuta.info@gmail.com

We also have a Facebook and Instagram page, just search WUTA. If you see a board member around campus, feel free to come and say hi, we are always keen for a chat.


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