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Sports Thought – Issue 8

Look, I don’t follow football too closely anymore, and I haven’t for the last few years. It doesn’t really interest me much – the last time I was interested would’ve been in 2017 when Huddersfield was promoted to the Premier League. But when I heard that these top dog clubs were coming together to form a ‘Super League’, I thought “well fuck me, are these money hungry owners not satisfied enough with their already huge wads of cash that they take home from their respective leagues”. I also wondered what the hell is the point of the Champions League if there’s going to be some mid week competition? Did they really just expect everyone to break tradition and follow suit? 


Well obviously not. They really thought that breaking away from all of the leagues and associations and forming a league on their own wouldn’t cause any turbulence within the football world, and it’s safe to say they thought wrong. All my diehard football fans and news outlets absolutely clogged my Facebook news feed until the teams one by one announced they were going to pull out and apologised for their mistake. I’d like to think that this was solely because they saw the essay that my mate wrote on Facebook. This same mate of mine plays for UoA and thinks he’s the man. So he reckons that he at least has some influence in the world of football. 


I think it comes down to the fact that despite taking a wrong step forward, the clubs recognised that a Super League isn’t what the fans want, and rectified it. It’s all over for now, but man do those clubs have some redeeming to do. 


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