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Editorial – Issue 8

1969 – The moon landing was either real or NASA lied to us (but is that really old news?)  


1994 – Kurt Cobain passed away or escaped to an island with Biggie, Elvis, and Tupac


2015 – Lorde foreshadows COVID-19 with secret onion ring account


2018 – Queen Elizabeth II endures cannibal claims 


2021 – Don’t get me started on the anti-vaxx, Prince Phillip, Kardashian divorce, Capitol crap that floods my emails


Most nights, I find it difficult to ease my mind. Partly because my brain can’t help but recall every single encounter and lesson I learn during the day. Another part is due to Nexus finally planning a proper layout so I am recovering from pulling below average content out of my ass. Now enter a carefully crafted conspiracy issue. Conspiracies are like fire. Mess around with it too much and you’ll accidentally create a cult by the name of Twiddling Tinfoil. Note: People who twiddle with tinfoil are suspicious, or anyone who has ‘twiddle’ in their vocabulary for that matter. 


Amid the twiddling, this is where things get a little dangerous. Not The Irregulars type of dangerous (reviewed in this issue) or Dracula (also reviewed in this issue) inspired, but rather something that makes us believe in strange things. Conspiracies are not limited to the realm of racism or misinformation, but rather empower them. And there is something even more dangerous that capitalises from racism and misinformation – faith. 


In the name of faith, altars are erected idolising governmental officials. Faith is strong enough to divide nations and bestow power; faith transforms lives but also destroys them; faith acts as a catalyst for extremist ideologies, victimising minorities. It’s a wonderful world out there but wonder could quickly turn into indifference, and with indifference comes callousness. 


To break the fold between indifferences, however prevalent in the world, Nexus shines light to what is usually hidden; or perhaps those that are not hidden as far as anti-fluoriders and big ol’ rat labs on campus goes. Faith is not limited to religious zeal but a larger amalgamation seeping into our daily lives, only not all of us are aware of it yet.