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Blind Date – Issue 8

She Said: 


It was Tuesday. I had just got home and to put it bluntly, I was shitting myself. I decided to partake in a couple of alcoholic antics (one goon & a few games of beer pong) to ease my nerves. After doing a couple of role-play situations and getting some solid advice from my mates like “don’t be yourself”, I was ready to head off. I had convinced my friends to come with me early to stake out the situation, so I wasn’t completely blindsided. Apparently, I didn’t do a very good job of hiding because my date said that he did in fact see me as soon as he walked in. However, this could be because I had in fact known my date for seven years (the top NZ athlete part was a bit of a stretch, sorry). Not gonna lie, the conversation was flowing but consisted mainly of us talking some absolute shit about the people we went to high school with. It was funny realising that the friends who brought us to the date were best friends, so unsure how we didn’t find out about each other sooner. The highlight of my night was chowing down the big, beefy burger which my friends told me not to get because apparently, I eat like an animal. I tell my date that I’m going to head off soon and he tells me that he doesn’t have a ride home. Being the good bitch that I am, I offer him a ride (my mum raised me well). Things get slightly awkward in the car when my flatmate pipes up and says, “Are you not gonna bring him home?” There was zero chance of that happening, so I just laughed it off. I guess it was a decent date considering it was my first one – I don’t really have anything to compare it to. My friends thought it was fucking hilarious and I suppose it makes for a good story, maybe an icebreaker for the next date? 


Wouldn’t mind going on another date with someone I haven’t known for seven years.


He Said:


My mate pressured me into doing this Nexus Blind Date and I thought I might be in for a good night and could meet the potential woman I would one day put my babies into. Last Friday, I was chilling out with the boys, having some beers when I received a reply from Nexus saying they have a ‘sporty girl’ waiting for me on Tuesday. I was beyond excited and was really looking forward to what was in store for me. When I arrived at House On Hood, I got seated and was waiting for a solid 10 minutes when I saw this young, black-haired woman start walking up to where I was sitting and she said “Hey Josh, how’s it going?” I looked up and this chick happened to be someone I have known since Year 9 in high school. CMTFU. RIP. FFS! How did I know this was going to happen? LMAO. Anyway, we began to have a chat about all of the high school drama as well as uni drama and came to realise we had quite a bit in common. The cocktails kept on coming and then we started yapping on about our sporting backgrounds. It’s fair to say that Nexus and I have quite different definitions of what a ‘sporty girl’ is. She was a top surf lifeguard back in high school so she did have a sporting background which was better than nothing. As we enjoyed our pizzas and burgers and her mates started to leave (the ones that dropped her off), I realised that she was about to leave me alone. I quickly pounced on this uncertainty and managed to get a ride back to mine without awkwardly having to hang out at House by myself.


All in all, thanks Nexus for the date. My date had very good chat so it was good to talk to

someone instead of talking to a brick wall.