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Party Checklist – Issue 5

Standard Checklist

Student Editors can have many talents. Investigative journalism, snappy columns or the ability to conjure witty headlines. Talents to which Hannah is still developing. Luckily Nexus had content fall through the day before print, leaving Hannah to fill an empty page and attempt to entertain you all. So without further adieu, Nexus presents an essential Location Checklist for all your drinking endeavours. 


Hogan Street 

A wise old man (mid-20s) wrote in a past issue of encounters on Hogan Street. To be more specific, encounters with fire and explosives. If your aim is to be in the hall of fame of Hogan Street crackdowns then you must surpass the current skuxx threshold. Couches being lit on fire no longer cut it. However, a pass will be granted to those who live on one of the most infamous Streets in Hamilton East. This is a tick on the location checklist. 


Recycling Bins

You will come to know recyclers are the backbone at a piss-up. Glass crates are bound to fill up quickly, so feel free to disappear down your neighbouring street and borrow as many crates as you can find. The same goes for the bins with the yellow tops for anything plastic, paper, and tin. Wash and rinse before you toss kids. 


Adequate Smoking Section

This is a vapist no-go zone. A smoking section is for the sophisticated, camel-loving, and gun-making other. Make sure this set up stands out to ward off the posers.  



DnB is trash, fight me. But under my contract, I am obligated to commemorate Umbers and his sick tunes. Please refer to him for any hyped playlists. 



A pre and post-party Maccas run will do. Sucks that I’m a vegetarian and crave a McChicken by the end of the night. Don’t tempt me- the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. 



Are you five? Do I have to put this into a checklist?



I’m a sucker for good lighting. It sets the *mood* and no, that isn’t a reference for romantically lit candles. LED strip lights are never a let down from Amazon and are still a thing after trending a year ago on TikTok. Go get em’ mature students!