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Nexus Kicks On – Issue 5

Last year we collectively decided that we would design a new campus. We talked about bakeries, solar, movie theatres, and converting all of the Halls of Residence into tree huts. Since then, absolutely nothing has happened. In fact not only did nothing change, the buildings around campus actually got worse. With the exception of Puutikitiki and the single access prayer space for Muslim students, which if we are being honest probably had very little to do with us. Let’s not kid ourselves, Neil Quigley didn’t pick up a magazine and go “Let’s kit out this prayer space they’re talking about.”


Where lesser student magazines like Salient or Craccum would resign themselves to giving up after such a resounding and soul-crushing defeat, we decided to be the ones who said “Ahh fuck it” and double down on the idea we know best and devote an entire magazine to it.


This time we decided to plan a party. Which is a cute and alliterative way to say we wanted to talk about how weird parties are. I mean have you ever really thought about your classic first year Uni party? Close your eyes now and see if you can transport yourself back. Those flat parties seem like the best time of your life, and they were. Not because you were with your friends, or you were happy but because you didn’t seem to give a fuck about the world. Flat parties were great because there are no real guest lists at flat parties. There were no themes or ideas. No politics or dramas that plagued your friend circle. 


Flat parties were about stereotypes that have long since been challenged, outdated, or unproven. You could find anyone at a flat party from the breathers trying to set things on fire, to the guys with a guitar starting a sing-a-long. The best part is you could seamlessly mix with everyone. Whether you were an international student, a member of the LGBTTIQA+, or just a guy trying to suss MDMA to forget about a long day, there was a bit of everything for you.


So we have devoted this whole issue to talking about some of those stereotypes. Some of them are extremely serious topics like feelings of social isolation, people that need to learn about consent, drink spiking, or some safety tips for those looking for a casual hook up. Some of those are less serious like Nathan’s ‘Bringing Guitars to a Party”, or Yam’s recounting of all the times he passed out. Some are even really contentious like Bronwyn’s playlist or Kendrah’s hot take on vapists (yes, vapists are what we are going with) and smokers.


Some of you may even get offended that we have devoted a whole issue to the idea of a party. And tried to fit some pretty complex issues into some pretty generic stereotypes. Which is absolutely fair. Next week we are taking a slight break and just giving you a puzzle/colouring-in book for Easter. Then we will be back to normal. For now, though, we had some interesting things we wanted to talk about.