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Songs for Instant Serotonin – Issue 4

This playlist is honestly a form of therapy. Very very specific therapy that probably only works for me, but therapy nonetheless. 


  1. Life on Mars? – David Bowie

A modern masterpiece… about going to the movies? Whatever,  it sounds deep. 


  1. i – Kendrick Lamar 

There’s enough confidence in the first chorus alone to get you through your shittiest day. 


  1. The Future – San Holo, James Vincent McMorrow

Dutch DJs deal exclusively in dopamine and serotonin, it’s a well known fact.


  1. cotton candy – YUNGBLUD

Firstly, the bass line is sick. This song appeases my inner 2009 emo while giving me enough brain activity to make through Monday. 


  1. Supercut – Lorde 

Nobody doesn’t poetic, relatable lyrics with cinematic pop production quite like Lorde <3


  1. Past Lives – BØRNS

80s electro pop vibe, funky bass, fun vocals and sexy, clever lyrics. 


  1. Everything Goes (Wow) – Broods

A reminder that everything is temporary in Broods’ signature bubblegum mode. 


  1. Blood Type – Cautious Clay

This song is just straight up cool I can’t explain it. 


  1. About Last Night – Chase Wood

A Hamilton kid’s debut single, currently 7k streams on Spotify, the cover art was shot at Hamilton Gardens. It’s the Waikato version of Snoop’s ‘Young Wild and Free’ and it’s so fucking fun. 


  1. Light On – Maggie Rogers

The Stevie Nicks of our generation with a lot less coke and a lot more contemporary influence. I dare you to watch a live performance of this song without being tempted to replicate her sweet sweet dance moves.  


  1. #Beautiful – Mariah Carey, Miguel 

I BET YOU FORGOT THIS MASTERPIECE EXISTED. Miguel’s certified sexiness and Mariah’s undeniable vocals are a match made in 2013 heaven. The original Bound2 video.


  1. Light – San Holo

Ah yes let’s cap it all off with some more Euro EDM circa 2017 to really make you feel like you’re in a coming of age movie. 

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