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Editorial – Issue 4

Another day another week and I’m talking about a range of stuff in the name of health and wellbeing. Originally I wanted to call this issue ‘Nexus Becomes Flexus’ but I soon realised the content didn’t match anything predominantly ‘flexus’. There hardly is a mention of pulsating biceps so much as pumped up bottoms post-hip thrusts. Instead, for the most part, this issue takes some potential havey info that may reconcile with you.


Health cannot be thought of in black and white. It takes the form of both a bland salad and a cigarette. The same can be said about wellbeing. Life sucks, not all the time, but it is nothing like a romantic Hallmark movie. People are sad, studying is stressful, and our plates are filled with carcinogens. Can Nexus solve these problems? No. Can Nexus try to provide you with a juicy issue about health, wellbeing, and an inkling of fitness? Potentially. 


Health and wellbeing are met at a large intersection making it difficult to highlight the major pin-points. But there are a few worth mentioning. Wellbeing could as well come under the new wrinkle you spotted and realise you should probably start wearing more sunscreen because, you know, 90% of premature aging comes from sun damage. Same with getting up early because that’s apparently what Elon Musk does, either side of the coin it calls for attention. Some wise pinterest quote once said your health is your internal wealth. 


Unpopular opinion but I love getting up early in the morning. Not only does it make me feel superior that I can wake earlier than any of my flatmates and actually enjoy it but it sets my day. I need those quiet early mornings. I can hear the houses around me give off a low hum. It makes me feel good and that’s what it boils down to. It’s my own little wellbeing moment. If I don’t have it, I’ll go crazy. It’s a similar situation to me and walking. I love to walk. I’ll think about my next walk as I am walking. Back home my house backs on to a gorge and during my holidays I’ll spend hours by myself walking down beaten tracks. I don’t mind that I do it by myself. It’s a feeling I’ve never been able to fully describe but I just feel really good. 


That is a minuscule snippet of what my routine looks like. In most cases, your routine might look the total opposite. And the point of it isn’t to make up a new routine in the hopes you might feel better. It’s to give you an insight into the intersection of health and wellbeing. It’s not all just pulsating biceps (thanks to creatine). It’s not all about how your body looks either. There is a core to this all and this is just a little snippet into it.