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Ode To Coffee – Issue 2

Dark sexy beans float

we both do

In this sensual dance

of morning routine

and acceptable addiction

Give me an intervention

so we can talk about it over coffee


‘Na I can actually taste the difference. Like GSK just has this undeniable smoothness that I think

you’re maybe missing? Really open up your taste buds on this next sip and allow the velvety texture

to transport you off world. I think maybe you need to be a little more vulnerable with your palate,

here, cleanse it with this biscotti’


I would like your flattest white

and if you think I’m wiping the froth

that finds itself

both top

and bottom

you can fuck off

But you do actually have a little something

just there




you got it


‘I only drink iced americanos. It’s just more efficient and to be honest when you’re updating your


as much as I do you learn to become efficient. If you want to build wealth you need to


yourself with people who discuss stocks, real estate, starting LLCs, becoming debt free, and

tax savings strategies. Your network is your net-worth’


Tickle and burn me

like some pervert with a candle

And I don’t mind that I poop

with every touch

It is the perfect loop

brown to brown

like a phoenix

out your butt


((I shake because I care))


I peel back my brain

and pour Moccona into every crack

every crevasse

until it hotwires every inch of pink matter

Then my eyeballs roll back

and I assassinate housework

like a Kung Fu Master on bath salts


‘It’s just so annoying. Like when you put that much energy into someone and they end up not even

caring? I literally spent all summer watching him play Fortnite without saying shit and even bought

him that Country Road hoodie. For him to just turn around and hook up with a complete random at

New Years, like I know we weren’t actually dating but – oh sweetheart sorry, is this almond milk? I

asked for almond milk… It doesn’t look like almond milk’


‘A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away’

Print this on a t-shirt

so it can match my tattoo.

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