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Editorial – Issue 2

I am starting this week with hope. The first week of uni has come and gone along with my poor sleep and semi-stress. Still, I am hopeful. It may sound strange that I am hopeful in our current situation so let me explain. 


For students with undeniable debt who probably live in rubbish-strewn flats, the idea of owning a home seems foreign. Scary even. In my experience, I’ve always gone from rental home to rental home. My first memories were in a cold dilapidated rental with my mum. The landlords weren’t that nice either.   


My parents worked hard, and when they didn’t, rental payments would still be due. This is something that may now be relatable to you first-time flatters and those still renting many years down the line. Your payments are due and most of the time your living conditions aren’t very healthy. Either political party you support seems to fall short of their housing promises. 


Homeownership is hard too. I think it’s a reality that they fail to tell you from a young age. You can’t get a mortgage overnight and because you can’t in a lot of cases you may end up renting longer than expected. I know in my experiences that holds true. 


There is a certain ignorance of renting and homeownership. When someone gets angry at our housing prices it can be met with a ‘you just have to work harder’. I don’t think working harder is going to get you a house. Someone can work hard their whole lives but families must be fed, transport is costly, and rent payments are still due. But in the end, ignorance is bliss, so I don’t blame you if you want to peel your eyes away from homeownership banter. 


Through this, I am still hopeful. This second issue gave me an insight I did not intend to have when drafting the content. It’s the insight, mainly hard truths, which sharpen me up a bit more. You might want to be sharpened up a bit. This issue isn’t all grim and gritty though- I haven’t forgotten about you who hate going deep. So have a look through these pages, don’t be afraid. And maybe you’ll start your second-week hopeful too.

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