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DIY DECOS – Issue 2

Are you that person who reads Magazines back to front? Stop, you aren’t any different to the rest of us. It’s not some special trait to carry with you. That is, unless, you carry an innate compulsion to read any book, magazine, or article backwards. In that case, read on! If not, go to the editorial page before this article corrupts you with new-found creativity. Thank the contributors for their work that can provoke thought in your mind in between your prolonged procrastination. 


To those who have read through ‘Nexus Gets Nifty’, welcome! I hope you found something entertaining. It was the poopy poetry excerpt, wasn’t it? I can assure you if you don’t like toilet banter there won’t be any of that as we near the end pages. It makes me sad to write this, to think that in a mere minute you’ll put this magazine down in your lecture and let this issue fester in existential dread. Nexus has feelings too, don’t leave it on the table too long. And please don’t forget about me. I know everyone forgets everyone in the end and you’re only left with yourself but I don’t want to live in that reality. Please remember my words and recite it in your head like the wizard on Knighton Road casting a spell (yes, he exists if you imagine hard enough). Don’t forget these DIY DECOS either. I made them for you. Call it a Companionship On Paper. Just the thought that you are reading this now is enough for me to drink another chamomile tea before bed. 


Go Forth, Ongar! 


Hanging Dried Orange Garlands 


(side note: these do attract rats, please email The Editor if this happens because it will make for a good article)


These belong in both your room and kitchen. One fancy scroll on Pinterest under the search ‘aesthetic decorations’ will lead you right to this. Your computer browser will be confronted by these orange halos- do I see the face of Mary in the wrinkled outer-skin? It’s quite obvious these are for a particular demographic…  (demographic pending, write who these would best be suited for below).






Serrated Knife

Paper Towel

Baking paper

Baking Tray




Heat oven to 120 degrees 

Slice oranges to the desired thickness using the serrated knife

Pat slices dry of any juicy residue with a paper towel

Place the oranges on a single sheet of baking paper on the baking tray

Bake for 2.5 hours, flipping the sliced oranges over 1.25 hours in 

Once the orange slices look slightly brown, remove and let them cool

Thread the oranges into the twine 



…Rats pending?


Framed Pictures


The New York Times on How To Decorate Your Home had this to say, ‘The foyer or entrance hall creates the first impression, so make it count.’ Make it count indeed! (upon writing this I shudder in italic cringe, the New York Times quote spurts the same energy as that of saying ‘queen’ in your 20s). 


What better way to make a great first impression than with framed pictures out of your flatmates favourite Mum. 




Portrait photo of the chosen Mum (may I suggest one of her in a knit sweater?)

4×6 Picture Frame

Printer (accessible on University campus)

Stick on hooks 




Select appropriate photo of the beloved mum

Print photo in a 4×6 format

Fit photo into the 4×6 frame

Hang on the Entrance wall with stick-on hooks


(Frame and print as many as desired)




What are some DIY Decorations without a bit of Nexus propaganda? 


Start collecting each issue and build it up to a bookcase throughout the year. Not only will it look superb but you will also spark fly conversations regarding article pieces when visitors stop by. You’ll have grown tasteful fashion. The more you collect Nexus the more extravagant your moustache will look (The Editor likes facial hair so this is also a bias statement). And then, you would have started listening to Investing Podcasts. This is what collecting Nexus can do to you, it’s also one DIY alternative when you’re lacking in the leather-bound book department. 




Each Weekly Issue. Can be found on the University of Waikato campus, Recycled Boutique, or Hamilton’s CBD Wintec campus.




Present on the desired stand or shelf in your home, preferably in a place that catches people’s eye.


For Christmas Lovers Only xoxo


I noticed Nexus leaves a particular demographic out- the Christmas lovers. It’s only February but I know you Christmas lovers are bursting at the seams waiting for December to come around again. It gives you an excuse to binge-watch romantic Hallmark movies, light those cinnamon candles, and eat your entire weight in orange-flavoured chocolates. Be sad no more as DIY DECOS has just the decorations for you. 


Paper Snowflakes




A4 Papers (up to 7)


Stick Hooks




Start with a square piece of paper

Fold In Half to make it a triangle

Then fold into a triangle so that all the pointed corners meet

Fold Paper triangle in thirds

From this, you’ll want to trim the ends of the paper so that it appears flat

Unleash your creativity and cut as many cut out variations as possible

Unfold and hang with twine and stick hooks


Herb Garden


Ok so having a mini flat garden can be pretty hit or miss. Even if you are a plant lover the constant repotting and tending to its growth can be exhausting so this is better for a collective group. 


Parsley, Mint, and Basil are some of the easiest herbs to grow. And can be put in small pots too!







Three small pots




Repot newly purchased herbs into small pots

Keep in sunlight

Regularly water and pluck to ensure its health

Eat away

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