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Playlist – Issue 1

So, you’re about to start first year of university and you’re already filled with the existential dread that you’ll never live up to the ‘potential’ your teachers placed upon you and are considering prematurely dropping out? Relax. You’re nothing but an insignificant piece of space dust anyway, and to prove it, here are a bunch of teenage musicians who are already more talented and accomplished than you’ll ever be.


  1. as long as you are – Ruel

An 18 year old Australian with more emotional depth in his voice and songwriting than most millenials are capable of in their relationships. His latest single blends his signature soulful storytelling with the kind of funky beat that makes you wanna dance your nihilism away.


  1. drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

Like iconic predecessors ZEfron and VHudge, Olivia Rodrigo comes from the recently rebooted High School Musical franchise. The masterful bridge of her debut single screams Lorde, (she even throws in a perfectly un-Disney f-bomb) but the storytelling is distinctly Taylor Swift. And like her contemporaries, she is about to be huge. I’m calling it, this song is going to appear on everyone’s Spotify Wrapped. 


  1. you broke me first – Tate McRae

Chances are you know this song, chances are you didn’t know she was 17. Not only does she have unparalleled lyricism, a killer voice and 400mil streams, she was also a finalist on Canadian So You Think You Can Dance? I’m out.


  1. xanny – Billie Eilish

Is putting everything in lowercase the Gen Z equivalent of WrItInG lieek thiss =] XD ??

I couldn’t have a under 20s playlist without the most viral teenager since Lorde herself. She’s got five Grammys and done a Bond theme for fuck’s sake. 


  1. Hard Sometimes – Ruel

A perfectly depressing ballad about the tough days. Ruel manages to keep it personal to his unique story of being on tour since he was 15, while being undeniably relatable to the everyday Joe who can’t decide whether to have Cornflakes or Weetbix for breakfast. 


  1. Kool – BENEE 

Okay she’s not a teenager anymore but this song goes off. An ode to every cool girl you’ve ever admired at a party with that iconic BENEE groove. She’s definitely way cooler than any of us.


  1. Amsterdam – There’s a Tuesday

They started as a female duo for Rockquest and have since added a couple of lads and played the NZ festival circuit, including RNV. Julia Jacklin meets Mac DeMarco. One to watch for sure.


  1. SO DONE – The Kid LAROI 

I don’t have anything deep to say about this song other than it’s just pure fun. Another great contribution by an Aussie high schooler.

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