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Festival Pre-Reviews

Festival Pre-Reviews – Issue 23

The Other Side

For money well spent, The Other Side is a great option. With a lineup so similar to the other new years festivals, you’d be stupid to complain about paying a quarter of the price. Only a hop and a jump from Hamilton, you’ll save both money on a ticket and on petrol by going to The Other Side in Whangamata. For those of you who went to Sacred Heart or St. Peters, you could stay at your daddy’s bach too.

Bay Dreams

Like every year, Bay Dreams has the most promising lineup. But also like every year, they find a way to completely fuck it up. So, if you love marathons, then you’ll love the walk to Bay Dreams and waiting in line so long that any pre-drinking is now rendered pointless. With that said, Bay Dreams is a great stepping stone into the festival scene for those who don’t have the sack to make it at Rhythm and Vines or Northern Bass. Being on the 3rd of January means that the munters who aren’t satisfied with the four days they’ve already done at Rhythm and Vines can make it too. 

Rhythm and Vines

Imagine paying $600 for a glorified Homegrown concert. For 30,000 of you, you won’t have to. I completely understand that COVID-19 has dicked us and we’re lucky that a new years festival is even in question but fuck, you couldn’t find bigger and more popular artists than Ladi6? For some of you the lineup of musicians isn’t important because you can still tell your bro how much you love them on the hill in front of the main stage. But will singing Wandering Eye with a wandering jaw really cut it when you’re bringing in a new year? I’m not convinced. Nevertheless, I’d rather spend new years complaining with my mates than complaining to my Netflix account, so I’ll see you there.

Rhythm and Alps

Rhythm and Vines’ older, weirder, and less successful sibling. Labelled as the premier summer festival of the South Island, a quick google search shows us it’s the only festy in the deep south – go figure. A great option if you hate flying and can’t make it to any other festival (like, anywhere) and this year Six60 will be gracing the R&A stage which is still bigger and better than most kiwi acts at Rhythm and Vines so pick your poison I guess. 


We wrote this pre-review before knowing Laneway was canned but we couldn’t resist having our say. RIP Laneway 2021. If Laneway 2021 is anything like previous years we could expect a bunch of 30 year olds swaying to lowkey musicians with a one-off banger. At Laneway, caps are merely a clothing item worn for sun protection and Doc Martens are subbed out for cowboy boots. Yeehaw.

Northern Bass

Yeah we get it, “Bro, Northern is way more hard core than Rhythm.” For those of you who live and breath Drum and Bass, Northern should be on the cards this New Years. You’re so alternative opting for a festival in the middle of fuckin’ no where (Mangawhai) than going to any where else. Don’t forget your Docs hun  – so alty.