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Blind Date – Issue 23

Nexus is proud to present another LGBTQ+ Blind Date. She’s a well travelled Law and Political Science student who enjoys surfing, skating and gymnastics. Our other hopeful lover is a Health, Sport and Human Performance student who loves the outdoors. Will they be cartwheeling into each other’s arms by the end of the night or tumbling home in separate taxis?

She Said

After anxiously waiting for my date to arrive I look up from my phone and see the waiter seating a very attractive girl on the table next to me. I gave a polite smile and continued to sit patiently  – turns out it was my date. We sat and introduced ourselves with the same old first date questions and I knew that this was gonna be a comfortable first date. We ordered the classic fishbowl and a burger. However, I soon found out she was a vegan which surprisingly was a turn on. The night progressed into an eventful chatty night talking about siblings to past relationships and new drama happening in our lives. Once we finished maxing the tab I asked her to come back to mine and she did. After meeting my friends and hanging out for a while she decided to call it a night. I understood that fully as I was already snuggled up in my pajamas. We both agreed to see each other soon  – she is one of the most beautiful vegans I’ve ever met. Thank you Nexus for an amazing night, you may have started a new relationship…

She Said

She was the sexiest thing to come out of Paeroa since L&P. 

After being seated at two different tables and enjoying a few awkward minutes waiting for my date to show up when she was actually at the table beside me, we connected. I was relieved to hear there would be absolutely no shame in ordering a basic fishbowl and enjoying a very flattering first date food (a good ol’ burger). Once we were on the same page about alcohol and food, I knew it would be a good night. The conversation flowed as easily as the barely alcoholic fishbowls. She is quite the sporty gal and a Sport and Human Development major. She’s stuck with as many sports as I have tried and given up on. The night went on well and the topics delved into the depths of sibling screw-ups and previous love interests. The entire night felt very comfortable and natural and it didn’t hurt to learn she had a bit of a party side. While we did not head on to hospo night following our 8:30pm finish, there are definitely plans to go out again. We maxed out the tab and headed back to her place to carry on a successful night. I met some of her friends and enjoyed a chill night with a great girl. I decided to call it a night when I crashed from all the sugar and fell into a food coma – she completely understood and was already in her pyjamas. Although we ended the night like two grannies, there was a mutual connection and the night breezed through with ease. Thanks Nexus for the great set up, might even be a success story!