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Blind Date – Issue 20

He’s a charming 20 year old who studied radio broadcasting, who moved to Hamilton for an internship. He’s looking for a bit of a go-getter to take to summer festivals. She’s a 5 foot fuck all business student with a love for football and Canadian Club. This week’s Blind Date is a PG-13 fantasy too classy for the likes of Hamilton. 

She Said

It didn’t take very long for my friends to convince me to go on a Nexus Blind Date “To get the full Waikato Uni experience”. After all I couldn’t resist an opportunity that only the Tron could offer. 

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the night, but I was pleasantly surprised. It started off with me saying “I’ll have whatever he’s having” which was a Mac’s Gold  – not a Corona but still a respectable choice. We then ordered dumplings and I quickly discovered his chopstick skills were a 5/10 (generous). Nonetheless, I appreciated his effort and he made up for it with his quality taste in cocktails. 

While the drinks got flowing, so did the chat and as it turned out we have more than a bit in common, including the fact that we’re neighbours and that we play in the same Sunday Futsal league. A couple of uncanny coincidences which made for good conversation.

After drinking our way through the bar tab, he decided to buy us one last beer each and a little after ten we realised that we overstayed our welcome at House when we were the last ones to leave.

With good chat and more than a few laughs I enjoyed his company. Safe to say it was a successful evening. “See ya round neighbour.”

He Said

“The Girl Next Door” – This could either be the 2004 rom-com or a Blind Date in Hamilton, for me it was the latter. (Bloody proud of that opening statement, what a hook! Shoutout to my English teacher Mrs. Neate). 

With my Lynx Africa, torn up old school Vans and a bar tab on my mind, I decided to set out on my journey for love. Would I meet the Gabriella to my Troy or would I be pulling out my quickest Joe Rokocoko goosie to get me out of there. The world was my oyster. My first impression was she had a friendly smile and good style as she rocked a cool denim jacket. I wasn’t sure if “Butler, shuttler, cutler, doesn’t matter, Celtics in 7” was a good opening line, so I instead went with “Hi, how you doing?” The conversation began rolling and soon we figured out that not only did we play in the same Futsal league, but on top of that we were actually neighbours. Not sure if it was a coincidence or if Nexus was playing silly buggers, but fairplay to them. 

We got dumplings because you’ve got to feed the backs, which was a bit of a stitch up as I’d probably have a better chance at solving a rubix cube than figuring out how to use chopsticks. I thought to myself what would Bear Grylls do? “Improvise, adapt, overcome”. She gave me some pointers and I somewhat got the hang of it. 

Before she rips out my 5% punishing chat, I’ll quickly highlight the other 95% that had her giggling. The conversation was natural and easy so there was no need for me to do a runner and pull the ‘I left the chicken in the oven’ card. 

We got picked up by my flatmate and the night came to a close. After a cheeky kiss I said “on your way love.” Not sure if she jumped the fence or walked around to her front door, but I hope she made it home alright. Big ups to Nexus and “The Girl Next Door.”