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Blind Date – Issue 19

This week’s edition of Blind Date saw two ladies put it all on the line for love in 2020’s first rainbow date. House on Hood played its part in hosting this edition’s epic piece of matchmaking.

She Said

Alright, let’s be honest here, being a lesbian is just a daily struggle of trying to ask out pretty girls and them thinking you’re just being super friendly. That’s why I decided to ask Nexus to do the work for me and set me up on a date with a cute girl, and oh boy did they come through. I had a couple of drinks at home to calm the usual nervousness that comes with meeting new people. I had a brief panic that she might be homophobic, but then remembered that if she was on a blind date with a girl that wouldn’t be likely, so it was all smooth sailing from there. I arrived a little early but she was already there, so it was good to see that we were both eager to get it started so that we could both finish  – only time would tell in what way. When I say Nexus came through for me with this one, I wasn’t lying. We’re talking the finest girl this city has to offer (which I know doesn’t sound like the highest praise considering that this is Hamilton, but she really was stunning). We hit it off right away, especially after the drinks started flowing. We quickly discovered we were both in Student Village halls of residence at the same time, and bonded over our shared obsession with big daddy Leigh the Halls Director. She downed her alcohol like a champ, which was both attractive and concerning, but what is a Hamilton girl without a slight drinking problem. At one point she tapped out for a bathroom break, and I guess the waiter had pegged me as the ‘man’ of the relationship as he popped over for a quick bro-chat about the date, and I got to flex about how well it was going. So well, in fact, that as the tab ran out we decided to head back to my place. All in all a great night, cheers Nexus. 

(Shoutout to the sweet but oblivious uber driver who decided we must be sisters, we love you Netram.) 

She Said

Once upon a time in lady-loving land… A young bisexual took a chance on a blind date. My hands were shaking with the usual pre-date jitters as I put on my eyebrows and my flatmate rummaged through my closet for outfit options. She forced me into a leather skirt I’d never worn before and sent me on my way. I arrived at House early and was escorted to my extremely wobbly table – but I’m not one to judge things on how straight they are. All thoughts of wonky tables deserted me when my date walked up the stairs. She was gorgeous and had a great sense of style; I couldn’t help but compliment her on her cute mushroom earrings and the fact that she steers clear of men entirely (a quality I could only wish to posses). We quickly sorted out our game-plan for the bar tab and both agreed: drinks first, then dumplings. As the drinks started to flow the conversation followed suit – we quickly realised we were both studville ladies of 2019. I knocked back four drinks and she tapped out at three, but I find a cheap date lowkey sexy. We had a giggle over the bartenders spying on us from around the corner; we were unsure if it was due to the fact that we are two lovely ladies or if they were just shocked that a Nexus date could be going so well. The bar tab was demolished in record time and we got rather comfortable with each other. I suggested a cheeky trip to the Book Club but she had an even better idea and our Uber driver whisked us off into the night, both of us moving ever closer in the back seat. We reached her place in no time at all and walking into her room was like walking into a little gay fairyland. She put on Girl in Red and we got our sweet lady kisses on, you can imagine the rest.