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Nexus Gets Tested

Like any good game of poker we figured we had to show our cards at some point. Here is how our editorial team placed in the Isidewith NZ politics website. To no ones surprise we aren’t ALL the left wing communist stereotypes. We also hired Josh.


84% – ACT  63% – TOP

59% – New Zealand First  

56% – National Party

If you asked me if I expected most of these to be my top four I would probably have said yes if I’m honest. However, I was kind of surprised to see TOP in 2nd even though they have a couple of major policies that I don’t quite disagree with. I come from a family that has worked incredibly hard for everything they have, which resonates strongly with ACT and National. David Seymour is also one of the few politicians that is really in touch with their following and interacts with them regularly. That makes me feel connected to the politicians that I support. 


TOP – 93% 

Labour – 92%

Green – 92% 

NZ First – 63% 

I’m not surprised that I got relatively high scores for the country’s more left-aligned parties. I like what they’re about as a whole. Despite this, I’m still unsure about who I’ll give my vote to come the election. Every party has something I like and something I don’t. Sure, I’m keen on saving the last scraps of the environment that we’ve got left, but voting Green and helping a couple of anti-vax fringe MP’s into parliament isn’t exactly on my to-do list. Finding the right party is arduous,  make certain of your choices and get in the know before you vote.


85%  – Labour 

84% – Green 

65% – New Zealand First 

64% – TOP

A few years back I asked my father why he would always vote for Labour, he pondered on the question, and replied with “I don’t know why, it’s always been that. They were the closest to supporting Māori I guess”. I still never got it and thought we were safe regardless, so the hype around elections never fazed me. I followed these traditions purely for the fact that it’s “always been like that”. However, after this quiz, it’s got me thinking about why I should look more into it, and the policies that these parties have. Considering Green is close in the percentage margin maybe it’s time to break traditions. Only time will tell.


Green – 95%

TOP – 91%

Labour – 88% 

NZ First – 54%

I am a lifelong Greens voter. I have always voted Green because the thing that concerns me above all other things is the kaitiakitanga of our natural environment. Every other manmade thing is reliant on the health of it. It is the only non-negotiable and our other systems are perfectly capable of working within its limits. But I have come to odds with the Green Party over this. Regardless of how you or I feel about it, one day National will lead this country again. When that happens, who will hold them to account? An interesting quiz, but there is only one credible environmental party this election. I side with TOP.