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Nexus Fixes Nexus

This would probably be a familiar feeling to a lot of you, coming into a new year of univeristy or school you might be feeling all fresh, wanting to top last year and make some big changes in your life. For some it might go as you plan, but others might have some hiccups along the way. Some others might have outside variables that ruin everything out of their control. This year has been a difficult year for Nexus, I’m not going to sugarcoat it at all. We got dicked by Covid in March, and we’ve just been smacked by it again. We’ve only printed a handful of issues, and it’s kind of depressing. We’ve also missed themes that we had planned. I think I’ll just have to come back for another year (sorry James, you’ll have to put up with my bullshit again). 

Before the year started we had laid out a plan of what kind of content we were going to make. We were going to more or less break the mould that all of the other magazines follow and move to a more online orientated magazine. It involved putting more of the content online and less in the physical magazine and pushing out more digital content. We had big plans, and the absolute cunt of a year that is 2020 has not been good for it. Onwards and upwards for the next six issues; we will be shaking things up and moving away from the traditional format of the magazine and trying something that hasn’t been done in years here. We’ll outline a few of the issues and what you can expect from them in this issue of Nexus Fixes, where we fix ourselves.

These issues are all themed entirely, taking out the usual stuff except horoscopes and blind date. 

Issue 18 – Nexus Gets Political

With the election next month, we thought it was about time to get political for an entire issue. People like myself and James already talk way too much shit about our respective parties so we can only guess how this will go. The contents in this issue will include several interviews, expert advice, explaining the electoral system, playing in the minors, etc. It’s going to be really in-your-face as politics usually is, and we will add our own spins on it. You’ll even get to see which ways the editors sway because we will be taking Isidewith tests and publishing them. It’s a genuine deep dive on politics and policies that are important for students. 

Issue 19 – Nexus Likes To Be Liked

A contextual examination of the positives and negatives of social media, pornography, internet culture and technology including a feature discussion around pornography and its depiction and propagation of female degradation and an interview with a psychology professor around whether social media is doing more harm than good. Nexus interviews a gamer, Alex Nebesky is going to venture down the deep fake rabbit hole in a three page spread, and an in depth analysis of the fight or flight, the drug that is social media nowadays. Be honest, you’re all way too fucking glued to your phones nowadays, and I’m guilty of it too. This will be an issue that will resonate with a lot of people, so expect it to go flying out of the stands. 

Issue 20 – Nexus Thinks About Its Future

This one is for you lot who may have a future. No, this doesn’t include Harry and I but it does include people who aren’t actually complete dropkicks and have ambition to do something with their lives. It will involve career advice and other helpful stuff like that.

Issue 21 – Nexus Builds A Campus

This one will be pretty fun. It’s really just Nexus having a crack at doing their own campus. We’re just going to put our own creative spin on it. It will mean an entire 40 odd pages dedicated to finding out where the best place to put a bar on campus is. Nah, not really, I wish though. With this one there will be a bunch of us with different tones writing about the necessary spaces like a Māori social space, retail space, LGBT+ space, etc. It should be a good laugh. 

Issue 22 – Nexus Tells 2020 To Fuck Off

As I said earlier, this has been an absolute cunt of a year for everyone. COVID, bushfires, recessions, pretty much everyone in America – you get the gist of it. The biggest stories of 2020, until they weren’t. Five pages of “Hey 2020! Go fuck yourself!”. We’re just going to let it all out, Nexus is going to have a right fucking go at 2020 and let it know how we really feel, a good old fashioned whinge if you will. We’re also going to name the 50 biggest shitcunts of 2020. Spoiler alert, Donald Trump will not be number one, there are far worse people in the world than him. There will be 12 pages dedicated to that. If I have it my way I’ll be putting Tony Veitch very high up the rankings, just for existing. I honestly hate 2020 so much. 

Issue 23 – Nexus Is Ready For Summer

Summer couldn’t come quick enough this year, and with a second wave of COVID coming through the country we don’t even know if we’ll have the festivals. Anyway, that’s a shit way of thinking. We’ll smack it for six for a second time, and you’ll be able to put everything we publish in this issue to use. We’ll review festivals, give tips and tricks for them so you can get all of your sports gear into RnV without getting in trouble. We’ll let you know about spots for road trips, and spots for knives.

So there’s our plan to fix ourselves over the next few weeks. It’s a real shakeup from what we usually publish and we hope that you will enjoy it. We’ve always wanted to kind of break the mould of what a student magazine is, and we’re finally going to give it a crack.