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Blind Date – Issue 17

He’s a fourth year high school teaching student who is looking for someone he can find the confidence to hold a conversation with for more than five minutes. She’s a tall, sporty brunette with a love of playing goalie in football and is looking to score a keeper.

He Said

So, half an hour before hand I was thinking “bugger me, what have I gotten myself into?”. I do this kind of thing as often as I get a haircut. I snapchatted my mate asking if was too late to pull out . Anyway, I shook myself off and got ready. My flatmate dropped me off and I waited at the table for my date to arrive. My date then arrived a few minutes later and we ordered drinks. After about an hour I couldn’t continue a conversation and thought “oh you awkward bastard, don’t let this be the end of it”. After this classic me moment however, the conversation got flowing nicely. After a while I found out she was from West Auckland as well (finding fellow Westies in Kirikiriroa is as rare as a DJ at the Outback not playing some awful remix of Smells Like Teen Spirit). After this discovery, the conversation started to really get interesting from there. Turns out we had a lot in common and could chat quite easily (which is something I always find really difficult due to a lack of confidence, so cheers Nexus for pairing me up with someone so great!). However, towards the end of the night two gentlemen broke the news about how Auckland had got new Covid cases and that the rest of the country had to go back to level two, (bloody Auckland, who would ever want to call that place home!?). Then her flatmates came over to discuss this same issue and then the night got a little awkward for me from there on in. We went to the upstairs bar (where it turns out the chiefs were having their end of season function; I would usually call it a celebration but after that season maaaaaaaybe not.). After that her and her flatmates very kindly gave me a ride home and we all packed into her flatmate’s little car and travelled back to the uni for an interesting end to the night to say the least. In all, cheers Nexus for a great night and introducing me to such a great person!

She said

Typical me rocked up to the date a bit late but the blame can go on my flatmate who couldn’t find his wallet as we were about to leave. As I walked up to House the nerves were starting to kick in and I kept thinking to myself, why did I sign up for this. I was glad to see a nice-looking lad waiting for me at the table and after the awkward introductions, the conversation started flowing very nicely. It was surprising to find out he was from West Auckland as well but thankfully he didn’t have a mullet as the typical ‘westie’ does (sorry Nexus but mullets aren’t my thing). As these dates always seem to go, we discovered that we had mutual friends and it turns out he watched one of my games last season. After almost three hours of some of the best chat I’ve had in a while, a random dude came over to tell us that we were going back to Level Two. Damn Corona! We were far too wrapped up in the date to notice any sort of commotion going on around us. Towards the end my flatmates decided to gate crash and so we migrated upstairs to where half of the Chief’s team was sitting. We then decided to call it a night and since we live close to each other my flatmate convinced me we could fit him into her little red Daihatsu. This actually turned in to me lying across all three occupants in the backseat listening to my flatmates talk about what a good alternative to lube would be. To my surprise my date piped in that he had some deep heat at home. The only disappointing thing about the night was to hear that he thought The Outback music was too repetitive so I might have to change his mind sometime. All in all, this was for sure a top-notch date and couldn’t have asked for a better bloke. Thanks Nexus!