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Top 10 – Issue 16

New Zealand Foods

10. Anything from House. Easy on the wallet but you don’t look interesting by posting it on Instagram week in week out.

9. WSU’s free snags. Comfort in the trying times of university.

8. Mav’s. You broke out of quarantine to get the forbidden nectar.

7. Fruber. Cheap, greasy, reliable.

6. My mum’s ANZAC biscuits. They’re better than your mum’s.

5. Over caught Paua. The secret ingredient is crime, crime and environmental degradation.

4. That exaggerated snapper. Keep lying about how big it was king, you’ll win her back someday.

3. Matt Jordan’s brisket. He’s literally just grillin’ and piss sinkin’.

2. The family cow. Your parents lied to you, but oh the lies taste so sweet.

1. Gareth Morgan’s mystery meat. Meow.